Digital Surfacing

Digital Surfacing


SCHNEIDER innovations set the pace in freeform generating, polishing, and in process metrology. They are distinctive for the development of new technologies and swift translation of technological concepts into customer-oriented innovations. The HSC Smart Xp delivers perfect results lens by lens. This upgraded generator has the ultimate power factor, boosting the productivity by 30%.

Modern software control with impressive data rates brings the machine up to speed, enabling the processing of challenging designs with incredible form accuracy and surface quality. With an extremely low surface roughness measured in microns, lenses are perfectly prepared for soft tool polishing. The quality-defining RS-tec motor has a very high point stiffness and is virtually maintenance-free. This results in very long intervals of smooth operation at the highest lens quality specs. The high stock removal per pass of up to 10 mm is remarkable. An extra 20 % travel length enables the RS-tec to process high-curved lenses like the latest corrective sports glasses.


The CCP swift digital polisher allows LensTech to polish lenses with ease. The machine includes soft lap polishing, multi-step polishing cycles, and modern macro technology. The intelligent tool management monitors the usage of the pads and indicates to the operator when the replacement of tools is necessary.


Laser marking has become an essential part of the modern surfacing lab. Functional laser marks and product branding are the modern stamps of high-quality lenses. The CCL C*mark laser marking system allows fine markings to be accomplished with ease and precision.

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