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This lens features digitally engineered optics in a full back side lens design, employing EyeMax Back Side Optics Equalizer technology. The patented lens design creates a softer, more symmetrical design for an enhanced visual experience. Patients benefit greatly from the EyeMax lens design through effortless viewing across the lens with reduced eye strain, improvements in peripheral viewing, and wider corridors for optimized vision. By managing astigmatism for wider fields of view, the visual area of the lens is increased by up to 30%. Minimum fitting height of 17mm.

Symmetry- Symmetrical design allows both eyes to work together, for effortless vision

Softness- Soft design smooths the levels of astigmatism, for quick adaptation

Location- Design relocates astigmatism, in even proportions, to its nasal and temporal locations, for wider fields of vision


EyeMax short lenses tailor the design to specific RX requirements offering superior lenses for patients who desire smaller frames.

Hyperopes benefit from dynamic intermediate and near visual zones
Myopes benefit from an optimized distance zone while supporting the near vision zone
Emmetropes appreciate a balanced design that mimics normal viewing
Everyone will benefit from the patented Visual Acuity Booster technology that precisely defines the customized distribution of power throughout the lens
EyeMax Short is the preferred full back side lens design for small frames. The problem with standard short designs is if the height is shortened and the width enlarged, the design becomes significantly harder, leading to greater aberrations. Also, when retaining the add power in the space of a small frame, the intermediate visual zone is often compressed. These changes in design will lead to lack of intermediate vision, increased eye strain, and longer adjustment periods.

EyeMax Short lenses are the preferred short design because they balance a short progression length with wider visual zones and the smoothing of aberrations across the entire lens and expand the intermediate zone for better transition between zones and larger acuity fields. This will result in visual benefits for the wearer such as wider acuity fields, fluid transitions between all visual zones, better adaptation, and smoothness across the entire design.


Technologically superior optics for patients who prefer a sophisticated lens design. EyeMax advanced lenses are preferred 9 to 1 over competitor SA for:

All measures of intermediate vision
All measure of near vision
EyeMax Advanced lenses were also preferred 2 to 1 over competitor SA for:

All measures of intermediate and near vision
Overall intermediate vision
By managing astigmatism, EyeMax Advanced lenses were able to demonstrate 30% wider fields of view and less magnification and distortion.

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