CR39® 1.498

Most commonly used material
Available in Transitions.


32 times more impact resistant than CR39
UV inherent
Abbe at 32
Compromised optics; linear polymer design cracks at stress point
Lighter than high index
Popular choice for kids
Favorite among retailers due to profit margins
Can span to 2.2 edge & center on Z87-2 frames
Highly recommended for ages younger than 18

TRIVEX™ 1.53

Hybrid of poly and CR39
Same impact resistance as poly
Abbe at 45 for clearer optics
No splitting at stress points
UV inherent
Lighter than poly
Transitions available
Meets Z87-2, 2.2
Growing product among many manufacturers
LensTech material of choice for middle-range corrections

MID INDEX 1.54,1.56

Good choice for hyperopes
Not suitable for AR and drill mounts
Abbe at 45
UV inherent
Many times the only option in higher index Transitions with certain lens styles like ST28, ST35, 7×28 and 8×35 trifocals


Abbe at 38
20%  - 25% thinner than CR39
UV inherent
Now available with Transitions
Optimal choice for thin lens options


Abbe at 34
25% – 30% thinner than plastic
UV inherent
Popular material among manufacturers
Works with drill mounts
Better choice for thin options.


Abbe at 34.
40%+ thinner than plastic
Transitions now available
Only available with AR
Very thin compared to other materials; delicate to process
Now processed in-house


Most scratch-resistant material

Duty To Warn: Educate your patients about the high impact options included with poly and Trivex.

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