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    Our premium quality product offerings include Varilux, Essilor, Shamir, Transitions and other leading brands


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    Digital Surfacing

    Advanced digital surfacing improves accuracy and tighter adherence to the prescription as writtern - making for happy patients!


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    House Brands

    Our house brand lenses provide a low-cost alternative to premium lenses while providng a high level of quality and service


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  • Founded in 1982 in Greenwood, Indiana, LensTech Optical boasts state-of-the-art digital lens processing and edging capabilities, as well as a comprehensive Crizal non-glare processing laboratory on-site!  Our attention to service and quality is evident in our day-to-day operations. Here at LensTech, we strive to ensure that every eyecare professional’s experience feels special and personal. Accordingly, we pride ourselves on not only being able to fulfill any of your Rx needs, but also on being an active resource in your efforts toward building a stellar practice.

    Partnering with LensTech guarantees access to our full-service laboratory with all digital production and advanced finishing capabilities.  We welcome the opportunity to serve you!

    New Products

  • Ultimate Lens Package

    Introducing Essilor’s Ultimate Lens Package, combining the most advanced lens technologies togethe r in a single lens. There are two packages available, one desig...



    New Varilux X Series lenses deliver all the benefits of Varilux S Series™: Sharp vision, Smoother transitions, Elimination of “off-balance” feeling, but with...


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  • Michigan Optometric Association Conference

    The Michigan Optometric Association is holding its 50th Fall Seminar at the Lansing Center in Lansin g, MI. ...


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